The perfect replica watches in a very elegant box

Omega has been the official watchmaker of 007 since 1995. The famous British spy James Bond, like all of us, uses his watch to find out what time it is, but he also uses it as a laser beam, a trigger for an explosive charge to be blown up distance, reserve of narcotizing gas or to stretch a deadly steel wire wrapped inside.

Thus, for the fiftieth anniversary of the first James Bond film starring George Lazenby in 1969 entitled: Agent 007 - At his majesty's secret service, Omega launched a model full of surprises. Specifically, he wanted to insert a small plaque in 18-carat yellow gold with the number of a series limited to the symbolic figure of 7007 copies, as well as making sure that on the 7th day of each month the replica Omega watches number 7 appears in the same typeface as the written 007 and a small number 50 rises, at night, on the index of 10.

Most fans of the mythical secret agent of cinema will recognize the emblem with the 3 points of the Bond family on the index of 12 and the even more evident spirals engraved on the black dial that evoke the credits of each film. This watch is sold at a price of 6100 euros in a very elegant box with a rubber strap and another in steel to be mounted according to the occasion or your taste.

Finally, so as not to forget the dowry of a great swimmer of the combative Commander Bond, the estate is guaranteed up to a depth of 300 meters. This last detail is very important because it reminds us that when we are inundated with commitments fake panerai watches, every minute counts to emerge safely. Omega Seamaster Diver 300M: 42 mm case, € 6100, 55 hours of power reserve, waterproof - 300 m.

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