Replica watches-Color combination of blue dial and white bezel

What should an athlete's watch be like? The first rule is to go beyond the limits dictated by this definition. We are talking about models destined to wrap the wrist of an authentic super champion: the type of sports professional used to wear unique pieces that often take his name. Years ago, basketball star LeBron James chose the sporty Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and customized it so that it looked just plain normal on his chassis. Richard Mille has created such a light watch for Rafael Nadal that he can wear it during a tennis match and even painted it with red and yellow on the Spanish flag. Lionel Messi, in agreement with Jacob the Jeweler, made a different choice: pure luxury. Jacob the Jeweler's philosophy towards watches is to overdo it by adding luxury to luxury without limits. Messi's $ 28,000 Chrono is a completely different replica watch than James or Nadal's because it is not designed for the game nor for the immediate after game. It is a type of model definitely suitable for showing off in the frenetic coming and going replica audemars piguet watches of caviar trays during a social event or to admire while emerging from the sleeve of a tuxedo while receiving the player's trophy of the year during the FIFA ceremony Football Awards, as happened to Messi just recently. This week, government hearings, social occasions and concerts have given many political and entertainment celebrities the opportunity to show off truly special and noteworthy watches: here are those of the last week.

The luxury replica watches dedicated to Messi has not set limits to be up to the world fame of this champion. On the dial, the number 10 is marked in red: a different color to remember the number of the player's shirt. At number 6, topped by an obvious letter M reads the name of Messi and his signature appears on the back of the case. The color combination of the blue dial and white bezel is inspired by the Argentine flag, in honor of the nation in which Messi was born.

The RM 35-02 is one of the Richard Mille watches made for Rafael Nadal. In the story of the brand, the idea of ​​the RM 35-02 was born to “respond to the requests of many Richard Mille customers looking for a self-winding mechanism in the heart of a Nadal caliber.” Which means wanting to have all the power and the shock absorption of a Nadal watch without replica Cartier watches the hassle of manual charging. Will YG have been among the customers who knocked on the door of Richard Mille to have a watch with such a robust, refined and complicated mechanism?

Those who admire the sporty look of the Royal Oak or Patek Philippe Nautilus, but would like a model available in a range of colors and materials similar to Wonka, can now find the right replica watch for their needs. The Hublot Classic Fusion, with its visible screws around the bezel, shares some stylistic choices with Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus, but comes in red and black Darth Maul, reptile green or deep blue seen on Mbappe's wrist.

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